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While other sites define their ranking according to how much they pay the casinos for appearing in their listings, the Betizen community creates them based on fair data and users votes. Vote and contribute with your opinion!

As we commented on our official presentation page on Betizen and unlike other review sites and affiliates, we do not decide the positions of the casinos in our rankings according to the money offer that we are making, in exchange these positions are decided by the community itself. Why?

At Betizen we think that the world of online betting & gambling should improve its transparency. That there is a need for better informed, reliable casinos players and more transparent slot providers. That we should encourage affiliates who work with the mission of delivering value to players and not with the intention of making money regardless of their health.

At Betizen the priority is to offer you casino reviews that aim to find safe, fair and at the same time fun ways to gamble, minimizing unnecessary risks. And at the same time that they are equally fair for casinos that do things well. To achieve this we have designed a process by which we verify the same things for all bookmakers.

Things that we consider:

The games offer

The first item we find on the review page of a casino, such as the Vera&John casino (to give an example of a site listed as Fair), is its game offer. During this analysis we review the quality of its providers, the number of games, how easy or complicated it is to find our favorite slots or table games in the case of casinos dedicated to these verticals or the quality of the quotas in the case of casinos where like Marathonbet, sports betting is their priority.

Promotions and bonuses

Particularly in the Latin American and english emerging markets, promotions have an great relevance for players. Our intention is to separate the wheat from the chaff, present you with all the information, alert you to suspected deceptive ad campaigns so you can make the best decisions.

And since we don’t focus only on the negative aspect, we want to reward those who do things well, showing the best ranked promotions and bonuses by the community.

Customer service

In a world of iGaming or online gambling where exclusive games are a minority, and where we can find almost any game in almost any casino, the player experience becomes vital, and a key point when it comes to a good customer support experience.

Feeling that a casino really wants to clear up our doubts instead of tricking us into completing a registration or first deposits with insufficient information. That they speak to us in our language and that the service is efficient and fast are key points when it comes to defining whether a casino has good intentions and is willing to earn a good reputation.

Design and usability

The days of betting houses with outdated and confusing designs are over. A modern user experience requires a site that is easy to use, easy to navigate but at the same time offers all the filtering possibilities both on our desktop and on mobile devices.
Perhaps fun and functional sites like Gunsbet are an exception, but beyond these novel extremes, at Betizen we believe that a casino that boasts a good reputation must take care of the image it offers to its players. Allow the site to be explored before handling over our personal data.

Gaming licenses

Security is key when gambling online. Scams abound, casinos operate on the black market, and it is often difficult as players to decide the reputation of bookmakers that offer us dubious promotions or welcome offers.
That is why at Betizen we take the trouble to collect public information from casinos that is related to security, such as the companies through which they operate, the jurisdictions where their subsidiaries and licenses are located, and the quality of their T&C define their reputation, but not their position in the ranking, since in Betizen it is the users who have the last word.

We are a community, and for this reason we become stronger to the extent that we are united and transparent.

Our team of online casino experts

Betizen is a new community but created and maintained by experts with more than 5 years in the iGaming industry, both physical and online, and we intend to be the reference site for slot machine, blackjack, poker, bingo online and sports betting players. The challenge is huge! We are facing competition with huge budgets and not always with the best intentions when it comes to offering a reliable product that is really useful for players looking for quality information. For both experts and beginners.

We know that to obtain the visibility we aspire to, to obtain the diffusion that we ask of you, we need to offer the best possible product, and put our users before any other interest.

Nothing makes us happier than users who tell us that they have really found their trustworthy casino thanks to us, or that they have been able to resolve their disputes thanks to belonging to the community.