Extreme Transparency in Online Betting

Hey! We are an iGaming affiliates. What-the-heck is that? It means we make money every time we refer a user to a betting platform and he/she places a bet (via Revenue-Share or CPA).

Do you also want to make money online by being an affiliate? Send us a message and we'll get you stared!

There are (too) many online casinos, too much regulation (of the shi***y kind). That you might feel lost. So... here we are. Betizen, cutting through the BS in online betting, but still being zen about it 🤣.

So to clear things out, (and avoid getting lost in the glitz):

What is a good casino for us? Well, it's not that hard, just one that is transparent about what is offering, the conditions for withdrawing, and that well... PAYS when it has to! One that let's you limit your gambling and earn a buck.

What is a good affiliate program? Also simple, one that is not tricky about admin fees, that pay what the program promises, one with a responsive affiliate manager and that has a good system (with API).

What is a good game studio / provider? One that creates great, fair audited games that are fun to bet on!

Don't be fooled by flashy facades.

Join the Betizen community – And get insider info about new platforms, bonuses, games and affiliate programs.

We're independent, so our loyalty lies solely with you. We're here to help you find the perfect online playground to try your luck - sounds simple, and it is!

When in doubt, get in touch via Instagram, we are there to help! Follow us, choose a platform, place your bets, (in a crypto casino if possible), then, be a zen player, we've got you covered! :)

And remember to have fun. And when the fun stops, get help.

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