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Catrina is a new online bingo video from Neko Games inspired by the Day of the Dead festivities in Mexico. Let's get to know him!
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Catrina is a new video bingo game from Neko Games inspired by the Day of the Dead festivities in Mexico. This game offers a unique and exciting gaming experience, with vibrant graphics, a lively atmosphere, a cheerful soundtrack, and abundant features.

We hope it will be the next big hit in the world of online bingo, much like Candy Bingo, which can be found at 888Starz.

Players can play with up to four cards, and each drawn ball can bring a skull figure. If at the end of the round there are six or more skulls on the screen, the player wins the jackpot, which can reach up to 5000 times the amount bet.

Catrina also offers a variety of other exciting features, such as:

Extra balls: Players can purchase extra balls to increase their chances of winning.

Wild balls: Wild balls can substitute for any other ball to complete winning patterns.

Piñata Bonus: Players can win additional prizes by breaking piñatas in the bonus game.

Skulls: Players can collect skulls of different colors for a chance to win the jackpot.

Catrina is a fun and exciting video bingo game that offers players the chance to win big prizes. If you’re looking for a new bingo game to try, we recommend Catrina!

Here are some reasons why you should try Catrina:

It’s a unique and exciting bingo game with vibrant graphics, a lively atmosphere, and a cheerful soundtrack.

It offers a variety of exciting features, such as extra balls, wild balls, Piñata bonus, and skulls.

You have the chance to win big prizes, including a jackpot of 5000 times the amount bet.

Play Catrina today and celebrate the Day of the Dead in style!

What is Video Bingo?

Video bingo is a perfect fusion of classic bingo and modern slot machines. Unlike traditional bingo, where players manually mark their cards, in video bingo, the game unfolds automatically on a digital screen. Instead of physical balls, randomly generated numbers are used by a computerized system.

The dynamics of video bingo are simple: players acquire virtual cards and then select the number of cards they want to play in each game. Once the game starts, the system announces random numbers, and if these numbers match those on your cards, they are automatically marked. The goal is to complete specific patterns on your cards to win prizes.

Reasons to Play Bingo online

I’ts fun! Variety of Themes and Styles: Video bingo games come in a wide variety of themes and styles, meaning you can find options that suit your personal tastes. From nature-inspired themes to those based on pop culture, there’s something for everyone, as seen with the amazing game Thunderstruck 2 video bingo developed by Neko Games in collaboration with Microgaming.

Fun and Excitement: Video bingo offers an exciting and fast-paced gaming experience. As the numbers are announced, the excitement builds as you wait to complete your patterns and win prizes.

Bonuses and Rewards: Like slot machines, video bingos often include bonuses and free spin rounds, increasing your chances of winning and adding an extra touch of excitement to the game.

Availability Online: Video bingos are available online, meaning you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home at any time of day or night. You don’t have to worry about game schedules or traveling.

Player Community: Although video bingo is played individually, many games include a live chat feature that allows you to interact with other players, creating a sense of community and socialization online.

In summary, video bingo is an exciting gaming variant that combines the fun of traditional bingo with the convenience and excitement of modern slot machines. With its wide variety of themes and bonuses, it’s an excellent choice for those looking for a unique and entertaining gaming experience in the world of online casinos like Parimatch, with its excellent welcome bonus. Dare to try it and discover why video bingo has conquered players worldwide!

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