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We're looking at one of the best versions of Pachinko Bingo we've seen: 19 patterns, 10 free extra balls, with a progressive jackpot and bonus game. What more could you ask for?
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Prizes, RTP and Volatility ✓ Good

The popularity that Pachinko Bingo enjoys in Mexico and other Latin American countries reached the ears of Microgaming and Neko Games, who bring us an online bingo game with 10 extra balls, a bonus game, and a progressive jackpot. Its RTP is 95.82% and its volatility is high.

Online bingo Pachinko is a classic, there’s no doubt about that. And if there are still skeptics, one only needs to look at the number of versions based on the original Pachinko that we can find in multiple online casinos, especially those focused on Mexico and Brazil, but in general throughout Latin America. It’s something similar to what happens with other games based on the classic Halloween or its 25-line version, or it can also be perfectly associated with the phenomenon behind one of the most popular themed slot machines on the internet like Cleopatra and Cleopatra 2.

And this game has become so popular, this Latin American passion for the lucky cat game, that the noise has reached the ears of one of the largest creators of games, bingos, and slot machines on the internet, such as the giant Microgaming, which through another studio like Neko Games, creates this version of Pachinko bingo, with several features of the classic game that are renewed thanks to them.

So let’s start with the technical details of this game. The game was created in 2020 (everything takes time to reach European ears that try, often with little success, to understand the Mexican market and Latin America in general, and that means that as players, we often miss the ability to experience some of the online Pachinko and bingos in general, designed and created by advanced studios, and we have to settle for more modest local studios like Playbonds / AtivoGames or Salsa Technology, the latter of which is expanding and modernizing, a fact that we hope will translate into transparency).

But personal comments aside, let’s get back to Pachinko bingo, which is what we’re here for.

As we said, it’s a game from 2020 with high volatility or variance (more on this in the blog), and an RTP of 95.82%. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find the technical specifications that we like to make available to visitors in Neko Games or Microgaming, which you can find on the web bingos and slot machines of any of our featured providers.

Bets per ticket in Pachinko bingo can range from $0.05 up to a maximum of $10, and can generate a maximum prize that will rise to 5,000x the maximum exposure.

In addition, this online bingo has 19 different patterns that will award us prizes on any of the 4 chosen cards. It’s worth noting that this online Pachinko is a game of 90 balls (during the initial draw, 30 balls will be dealt), with 10 extra balls, a jackpot, and a bonus game that we’ll see in the next section.

According to some websites that provide information about these types of games, Neko Games’ Pachinko Bingo has an expected hit rate of 33%.

This Pachinko bingo can be found in all casinos that have Microgaming as a provider, and for security reasons, we recommend LeoVegas.

Functions and Mechanics ✓ Good

This version of Online Pachinko brings us 19 patterns, a progressive jackpot, and a bonus game as special features. In the bonus game, we can obtain a maximum prize that will multiply our bet value by 1,850x.

Like any online bingo game, Pachinko Bingo comes with some extra features to make our bets more exciting. In this case, two of the 19 possible patterns in the game will be in charge of filling us with expectation and giving us a little joy from time to time.

These features are a jackpot, also called an accumulated pot, and a bonus game.

Remember that some game functions will only be available if we play with all 4 active cards, such as obtaining the accumulated pot.

Regarding its bonus screen, this is a 5-level game with a maximum gain that will allow us to multiply the winnings of our bet up to 1,850 times. The figure of Maneki-Neko will be present in the game, often containing extra and interesting prizes which we will have to click to reveal. The idea of the game is to reveal these figures, obtain these prizes, and move on to the next level of the bonus. These prizes will be added to the default prize for completing the pattern that activated the bonus. Remember that you can see this pay table in the section dedicated to prizes above.

The casino we recommend for security to play this Pachinko Bingo is LeoVegas.

In addition to these special features, Microgaming’s Pachinko also has free balls. Out of the 10 extra balls that this online bingo offers us, 5 of them can be free. And this feature will be activated randomly.

Theme and Design ✓ Good

We could very well describe this version of Pachinko as cheerful, full of details, and perfectly themed around the Japanese lucky cat Maneki-Neko.

Pachinko, a popular game of chance in Japan, has been gaining popularity in other parts of the world as well, including Mexico and other Latin American countries. Microgaming and Neko Games have now introduced an online version of the game, complete with 19 patterns, a jackpot, and a bonus game.

This version of Pachinko is designed to be fun and cheerful, with plenty of details and a perfect setting based around the Japanese lucky cat, Maneki-Neko. Players can enjoy extra features, including a jackpot and a bonus game, which are sure to add excitement to their betting experience.

The bonus game is a 5-level game, with the potential to multiply winnings by up to 1,850 times the original bet. In the game, players will encounter the Maneki-Neko, which can contain extra prizes that need to be clicked to reveal. The goal is to reveal as many figures as possible and move on to the next level, with all winnings accumulating to the default pattern completion prize.

Players will also have the chance to enjoy free balls, with 5 of the 10 extra balls being offered randomly for free. However, it’s worth noting that some features of the game will only be available if players choose to play with all four active cards.

For those looking to play Pachinko Bingo, we recommend the safe and reputable LeoVegas online casino. With a high RTP of 95.82% and high volatility, players can be assured of a thrilling and potentially lucrative gaming experience.

Overall, this version of Pachinko is a cheerful and detailed game that perfectly captures the essence of the lucky cat Maneki-Neko. With extra features such as the jackpot and bonus game, players are sure to enjoy a fun and potentially rewarding gaming experience.

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